How to Tell If Your Pool Needs Resurfacing

Pool Service Pompano BeachGenerally, if you think your backyard swimming pool may need resurfacing, it probably does. You don’t have to be an expert to tell if your pool’s surface is on its last legs. All you need to know is what to look for.

There are three main signs to watch out for that will tell you for sure that it’s time to resurface your pool. If you have any or all of these signs right now, you should contact AquaBuddy Pools to get your resurfacing project scheduled as soon as possible.

Hollywood Pool Service — Sign Number 1: Stains

Just about every pool has some kind of stains. These can come in all kinds of sizes, shapes, and even colors. In most cases, a stain on your pools surface is nothing to worry about. In all likelihood, it’s simply superficial.

But if your stain has multiple deep stains caused by chemical and minerals, leaves and other natural debris, or red or green algae, it may be time to consider resurfacing — especially if the stains grow in size or quantity.

Hollywood Pool Service — Sign Number 2: Texture Changes

Stains and unbalanced pH levels can cause pitting on your pool surface. If you notice radical changes to the surface of your pool’s walls or if they suddenly feel rougher than they used to, it could be that this pitting is eating into the surface of your pool’s walls.

And the bad news is once your texture begins to deteriorate, it will only get worse.

Hollywood Pool Service —  Sign Number 3: Leaks

Stains and texture changes can sometimes wait for pool resurfacing … but not leaks.

If your pool’s walls are cracked or leaking, or if you suddenly realize that you are adding a lot more water to your pool than you used to, it’s probably time to consider resurfacing your pool.




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