When Is It Time to Close the Pool for the Season?

awIt may be the height of summer, but in just a few weeks the kids will be going back to school and for many homeowners it will be time to start thinking about shutting down the backyard swimming pool for the season.

In South Florida, the temperatures are likely to remain warm enough to swim for many weeks or even months after its too cold in the rest of the country. So when is the best time to shut down your backyard pool for the season?

Pool Service Fort Lauderdale — Time and Temperature

There are two considerations when making this decision. The first has to do with how often you use your pool.

Once summer is over and school begins, there’s usually a steep dropoff in pool use. People just get so busy doing autumn things that they stop using the pool as often. Keeping your pool operational when it is not in use doesn’t make a lot of financial sense. Why pay for something you aren’t using?

The second consideration is the outside temperature. Once the air temperature hits 65 F and lower consistently, the chemicals in your pool’s water stop working as efficiently. It’s also too cool to swim comfortably for most people.

Pool Service Fort Lauderdale — Prepping Your Pool for Winter

Cold weather and disuse are good reasons to shut down your pool for winter. When you are ready, call the professionals at Aqua Buddy Pools.

Our experienced, professional pool technicians can prepare your pool for the long winter shutdown so that it is safe and ready to go when you are ready to reopen it next spring.

There’s still plenty of summer left so go ahead and get the most enjoyment that you can from your backyard swimming pool. Winter will be here soon enough.

But when you are ready to shut down your pool for the season, our friendly, helpful pool technicians are just a phone call away.




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