Pool Service Pompano Beach

 Pool Service Pompano Beach

 After Storm Pool Service Pompano Beach.

Pool Service Pompano Beach continues to experience a lot of rains and thunderstorms until next week, according to the weather forecast. This means that there are many pools that will get flooded. Debris both floating and those that are underwater are going to be found regularly in them.

You can call us to clear pools from these contaminants and cover your pools for the duration of stormy weather. To preserve your filters and pumps, we will also turn them off. Too much dirt will overload the filters.

The most important thing would be that the pools should be cleaned right after the stormy weather has passed. We have readied our equipment, vehicles and suspended vacations in order that we will be ready in full force by the time you call to ask for cleaning assistance. You can even do better by reserving a slot. You will be included in the first priority list. Our regular customers are automatically included.

There are going to be no reservation fees and the cleaning prices remain the same. We just want to clean your pools with fast results. The high cleaning will still be there. We have developed a system that will always ensure you’ll get the perfect cleaning for your pools.

We offer acid wash and chlorine shock treatment to bring your pools back to their pre-storm status. The entire pool, including the surrounding embankments will be cleaned to remove the embedded dirt effectively. The equipment will all be inspected and cleaned. We will also determine if there are leaking pipes due to water overload. The structure will also undergo the same leak detection inspection.

Our AQUABUDDY pool experts have a checklist that they follow at times like this. This is different from what we use in our daily cleaning. This is more comprehensive. We don’t want to miss anything. We want to be sure when we turn on all the equipment everything is working orderly. Your pool may have overcome the stormy weather but because of lousy job delivery your pool will suffer damage.

Pool Service Pompano Beach

Our pool service Pompano Beach pool maintenance and cleaning team are already veterans in this type of pool cleaning. We were together when the worst hurricane hit the State of Florida. We were able to rescue several pools. We gave their owners a lot to be thankful about. Our ability to clean, repair and maintain pools has been proven time and again.

Let us take a look at you pools. Don’t decide about changing the water or turning on your pool equipment before we can inspect them. This is to avoid damage due to premature use. A complete evaluation will have to be done first.

Our evaluation, inspection is for free. However, if there are any repairs that needs to be done and spare parts to be bought, we will tell you first. Usually we only need to clean them and that’s even cheaper. If you are our regular customers, the cleaning service is already a part of your subscription fee.
Many pool owners wonder why they should acquire professional help rather than hiring just about anyone who can more or less do the same job for them at a lower cost. Well, for sure there might be some seemingly difference of price at first, but when you will have to pay them on a regular basis and twice the time where you would have to pay only once to a professional cleaning services who are fully equipped with the right tools / equipment and experience to provide you just the services on a regular basis you need.

Let us, Pompano Beach pool services help you add to your pool experience this summer.


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