When Is It Time to Close Your Pool?

services-36.jpgWhen autumn arrives, many pool owners are faced with the same dilemma: When is the right time to close your backyard swimming pool for the season?

The answer depends on a number of different factors including where you live, when the cool temperatures finally arrive, and how often you use your pool.

Pool Service Fort Lauderdale — Location, Location, Location

The answer to the first question is usually the simplest. In some parts of South Florida, the weather is often warm enough so that you rarely, if ever, have to shut down your pool for the season.

But even if you can swim year-round in your pool thanks to a warm climate, it is recommended that you drain and clean your pool at least once per year. This is usually easiest during the coolest weather months when there likely are going to be at least a few days where the temperature dips below comfortable swimming weather.

Pool Service Fort Lauderdale — When Winter Arrives

To determine when the cool weather typically arrives in your area, all you need to do is consult an almanac. Or at least Google.

It’s usually too cool to swim when temperatures are consistently below 65 degrees F. So during the weeks or months when the average temperature is below that, it’s usually a safe time to shut down your pool.

Pool Service Fort Lauderdale — Swimming Frequency

The last consideration is how often you use your pool. If you have children or frequently entertain around your pool, you may end up keeping your pool open a little longer.

So while temperature and location are the driving factors in your decision as to when to close your pool, how often you use your pool and what you use it for also will add into the decision.

When it’s finally time to close your pool, don’t forget to call Aqua Buddy to have it professionally cleaned and prepared for closure.




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