About Us

At Aqua Buddy Pools we understand that we are quite simply in the customer service business and the concept that customer service is based on communication and providing outstanding service. With the needs of the customer always coming first.

We listen to feedback from customers year after year and find that there are just a few simple things that people need:

Technicians that can explain in simple terms what they are doing to the pool and how and why it should be a benefit especially when it comes to repairs.

Service technicians that show up on time and on the scheduled day and if for any reason they can’t…imagine this…people just want to be called rather than ignored.

An office that answers  AND returns phone calls and also responds to emails.

Service technicians that actually perform all the duties that you pay them to do. Meaning, even if your pool looks clean, it will be vacuumed, brushes, and cared for regardless.

We look forward becoming your number one choice for your pool maintenance, pool cleaning & pool service!

We find these to be simple requests, you should expect these things and more.Getting what you pay for and being informed about what is included and not included up front.

That’s why when you call Aqua Buddy one of us will come meet with you specifically determining what your pool needs are.Maybe you need someone for every week. We want you to meet us and see why you can depend on us.

We work toward making sure our customers are the most informed pool owners out there, with perfectly maintained pools. Well maintained pools cost pool owners less money over time!At the very least just having a check up and filter cleaning every month can save you money.

We also take your safety and your families security seriously which is why we were one of the first Florida pool companies to comply with licensing requirements that are now in full force.