Spring Is the Official Start of Pool Season

springtimeIn Florida, pool season is longer than it practically anyplace else. But it starts in the spring.

While parts of the Sunshine State are warm enough to swim pretty much all year long, winter weather can be unpredictable. Winter brings more cooler days and overcast skies that can keep you out of your backyard swimming pool.

Fall also can be spotty, especially during hurricane season. Nobody wants to go swimming when there’s a chance of being caught in a major storm.

Boca Raton Pool Cleaning Services —  Florida Fun in the Sun

But spring is the ideal season for enjoying your backyard swimming pool. The weather is reliable, the temperatures are ideal, and unlike summer it’s not going to get too hot and humid.

Florida’s pool season officially starts in spring. So spring is the time to get your pool in shape by calling the pool experts at Aqua Buddy Pools.

Our experienced, knowledgeable pool professionals can clean your pool, balance its chemicals, and check out your pool equipment to make sure it will provide optimal performance throughout the Florida swimming season.

Boca Raton Pool Cleaning Services — The Choice of the Professionals

Businesses like hotels, resorts, and country clubs rely on Aqua Buddy to prepare their pools in the spring and you should, too.

If you want to ensure the safety and security of your family, friends, and neighbors as they enjoy your backyard swimming pool, choose the pool service the professionals use. Aqua Buddy has teams of professional pool cleaners that can optimize the conditions in your pool so you can enjoy your backyard swimming pool all season long.

Spring has finally sprung in the Sunshine State. Now’s the time to get your pool ready for a whole season of fun in the sun by calling the pool professionals at Aqua Buddy Pools.




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