Don’t Wait to Clean Your Backyard Swimming Pool

Pool with whitefly honeydewWaiting too long to clean your backyard swimming pool can put the health of your family, neighbors, or anybody else who uses it at risk.

When your pool is noticeably dirty, you’ve already passed the point where it is safe for swimming. Bacteria, algae, mold, and other organisms that can grow in your pool’s water, on its walls, in its pipes, and in other areas both seen and unseen can reproduce very quickly. By the time you see them, they already are growing at an alarming rate.

Boca Raton Pool Cleaning Services — Frequency of Cleaning

If your pool water is discolored, if your pool walls are turning green, or if you notice slime growing in your pool traps, you should close your pool and call a professional pool cleaning service like Aqua Buddy Pools right away.

But pools that look clean and fresh should be cleaned according to a regular schedule. How often should they be cleaned? That depends on a number of different factors, including how much you use your pool, the strength of the chemicals you use to keep it safe, and even the weather.

Generally, pools should be cleaned by a professional pool service at least once or twice per month if the homeowner is performing routine maintenance like removing leaves and debris with a pool skimmer a couple of times per week.

Boca Raton Pool Cleaning Services — Daily Maintenance

Using a skimmer for the pool’s surface and a waterproof vacuum for the pool’s bottom can help prevent debris from breaking down and getting into the pool’s pipes. Failing to perform this type of routine maintenance can lead to the pool’s pump becoming clogged with leaf particles, hair, and other debris.

When the pump doesn’t work properly, the water won’t circulate the way it should, which accelerates the growth of harmful organisms in the pool water.

Play it safe. Call Aqua Buddy today to learn more about professional pool cleaning.




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