Winter Pool Maintenance Tips

home_slide2Perhaps the biggest advantage of having a pool in an area with a warm climate is that it generally is warm enough to use your pool all year round. But during the winter months, occasionally temperatures will dip into the 60s or even 50s.

On those rare occasions, there are a few pool service maintenance tips that can extend the life and functionality of your home swimming pool.

Prepare Your Pumps

Whenever the air temperature falls to about 65 degrees F or lower, you can reduce the number of hours your run your filter pump. At AquaBuddy, we recommend using your pump only about five or six hours per day during these cool spells.

Our highly skilled pool cleaning professionals will take care of changing your skimmer and pump baskets on a weekly basis.

Adjust Chlorine Levels

At cooler temperatures — such as 51 degrees F or lower — you don’t need as much chlorine to control bacteria and algae growth.

Our AquaBuddy pool cleaning technicians will adjust the pH levels, calcium hardness, cyanic acids, alkalinity, total dissolved solids (TDSs) and chlorine stability so that they are optimized for the air temperature so that you never have to worry about it.

Balancing the Chemicals

Even if you aren’t using your pool as frequently when the air temperature cools, maintaining the proper water chemistry remains a priority. At AquaBuddy, our pool service professionals continually monitor the water chemistry in your pool every time they visit your home.

When water chemistry is out of balance, it can lead to damage to your pool’s finish and mechanical equipment. For example, at about 51 degrees F, salt cells stop producing chlorine. So the professional pool cleaning technicians at AquaBuddy will use granular shock to maintain proper chlorine levels.

Allowing you to enjoy your pool year round is our number one priority at AquaBuddy pool service. We pay close attention to the air temperature and make the appropriate adjustments so that you never have to worry.



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