Winter Is the Ideal Time for Pool Maintenance

1Pool season in Florida lasts much longer than it does in colder, northern states. But eventually, there does come a time when it is too cold to swim.

While brief, winter in Florida is the ideal time to do required maintenance on your backyard swimming pool.

Pool Service Fort Lauderdale — When Is Winter in Florida?

Generally, late November through early March is when temperatures are coolest in Florida. Of course, cool is a relative term.

In places like Chicago or Minneapolis, the temperature could be below freezing for most or all of this time. But in Florida, it can simply dip down into the low 60s or high 50s. Rarely does it freeze in South Florida. And when it does, it’s usually short-lived.

But when the temperature is below 68 degrees F, it can still be too cool to swim comfortably in an outdoor pool.

Pool Service Fort Lauderdale — Schedule Your Winter Maintenance Now

When it’s a little too cool to swim in your pool, it’s the perfect time to perform larger projects that would be inconvenient during the high swimming season.

These can include such jobs as painting the interior of your pool, repairing or replacing major equipment like filters or heaters, or simply giving your pool a deep cleaning.

While pool services are busy during the warm weather season, they also can be very busy during the winter working on larger scale projects for their clients. That’s why it’s always a good idea to plan ahead.

If you know that your pool is going to be out of service during December or January, for example, it’s an ideal time to schedule that big repair or maintenance project that you have been putting off all season.

Call to make your appointment with Aqua Buddy today so you can have your winter pool repair or maintenance project on the books this winter.




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