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So many homeowners have suffered with the recent whitefly infestations. We have found that there are direct effects on swimming pools in areas where there is a whitefly problem.

Whiteflies are small, moth-like bugs usually with white wings. They have piercing-sucking mouthparts. Most importantly, they excrete a HONEYDEW which is what we have seen damage the pool balance and water appearance.  Gumbo Limbo, ficus whitefly, Cardin’s whitefly and Whitefly on Schefflera are a few of the types of whitefly identified in South Florida alone.  Along with the honeydew, some of the immature stages of whitefly will secrete long white filaments of wax. According to the UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA’S recent study, the Rugose Spiraling Whitefly is likely to survide year round in South Florida.

Though most of the damages by the whiteflies are done to plants, the swimming pools are directly affected with: EXTREMELY decreased chlorination power and faster filter clogging (which leads to cloudy pools). We have also recently seen inhibited stabilizer levels in pools with whitefly honeydew.

We encourage all of our customers to acquire pest control services as soon as possible for both prevention and or eradication of this nasty pest. Untreated, whiteflies will severely damage plants, swimming pool and pool filters.


One of the pools AQUA BUDDY services with whitefly present:

Here are a few local news about this issue:

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