Your Pools Should Be Serviced By Professionals


Aqua Buddy delivers superior maintenance and cleaning services

Create a wholesome atmosphere in your pool. Make it always ready and available any time you want to use it. Maintenance should not interfere when you want to use it. Long down time is not necessary. A couple of hours of pool cleaning are enough to make it totally clean and completely safe. This is possible if cleaning is done on a regular basis.

It’s summer and the heat is on. Your pool should be ready by now. What you need is for your pool to have a routine check up to ensure that you will have no problems later with your health. You can even do it yourself. You can check the pool water pH. If it’s below 7.2 pH, you should apply the proper amount of chlorine in your chlorine dispenser to ensure that pH is maintained between 7.2 and 7.4.

If you don’t have time to do it, we at Aqua Buddy will do more for you. We will clean the chlorine dispenser, including the water filter, test your motor pump, and go over the pipes and the entire structure to look for any leaks. Your pool’s floors, walls and embankments will also get cleaned including your diving boards if you have one. Do we need to do it every day?

Not at all. We have several types of cleaning schedules and with each you have a choice what kind of cleaning procedures your pool may need at the moment. We offer once a week check-up which includes pH monitoring, twice a week a week maintenance, which includes removing floating debris and sunken objects. Included in our maintenance services is acid wash and chlorine shock. We can also repair any damaged part of your pool.

We have the most modern tools of the trade and the expertise to provide your pool complete cleaning that it needs. This includes water drainage and water refilling. There are certain rules with regard to water draining and disposal. The pool water is chlorinated. It should be brought to proper water disposal facilities to ensure that they do no harm to the flora and fauna found in the surroundings.

If you have the proper drainage disposal system to flush your pool water, there’s a system of doing it to prevent water from overflowing and flooding the streets or your neighbor’s lawn. This is a no-no and may put you in an unpleasant situation.

We’ve been operating in Weston area for a long time now and our name has become synonymous with professional service and high quality results. Our presence has made a lot of pool owners very happy. We keep our schedules on time, deliver guaranteed high cleaning quality, charge only the service rendered and we have the lowest service price.

Our Weston Pool Service personnel, and our entire staff for that matter, are courteous and friendly. They are also highly trustworthy. They will confine themselves in areas where the work is being done. They have also company identification cards. They wear uniforms complete with company logo and their vehicle has also the proper company markings.



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