We Will Help You Save On Your Pool Cleaning And Maintenance!


Weston Pool Service is willing to go into pool cleaning partnership with you to help you save money

There are DIY techniques that will help you clean your pools and minimize your expenses, but there’s only one way to keep your pool really clean: have regular cleaning schedules. Missing the scheduled cleaning days will make it more difficult to maintain the pristine condition of your pool. Your intention in cleaning your own pool is a good start. But you know it has to be followed up by actual work.  What if you are busy? All is not lost. You can hire us to do some of the cleaning chores at the same time study the cleaning tips and repair techniques yourself and do it when you have the time.

Aqua Buddy pool service would like to team up with you in cleaning and maintaining your pool. If you live in Weston, our Weston Pool Service will keep our side of the bargain.

It’s not every day that you are busy. Sometimes you have a lot of time in your hand, which you can use to do something for your pool.  Why not clean up your water filter.  Our Weston Pool Service can schedule our maintenance day when you’re at home and show you how to remove the filter, clean it and put it back again. That would be neat. So that during your lull at the office you can call us and tell us you’ll be doing the filter and water heater cleaning for the next schedule, thereby saving money.

Maintaining the water pH is another task which you can also easily do on your own. Leaning to do it is even easier than maintaining the pool equipment.  The information about the proper addition of chlorine and how to compute the amount you need for your pool size is available on the internet.   You can buy the gadget which to use in order to know whether your water is still on the safe side or is sliding towards acidity. You need a basic pH to kill the germs while an acidic pH will maintain them.

Now the next time you’re not available, you can call our Weston Pool Service representative to do the cleaning and maintaining for you in the meanwhile. With all the prices rising almost every month, it’s another way of saving money and at the same time learning some new skills for yourself.  There are pool jobs that require an expert touch.  We’re not authorized to teach you to do them since they need licensed instructors to teach them.

With your newly acquired knowledge in pool maintenance and cleaning technique, you’ll have enough skills already to make the best out of your pool. You can use your pool without anybody telling you that it’s safe or not. You know that personally. You can gauge it by testing the water’s pH on your own.

Give us a call and we’ll be happy to send one of our Weston Pool Service supervisors to start the partnership.

We will always be available anytime you want us and we won’t let you down. We are highly trained and professionals to the core. We are friendly and courteous. We also have the most reasonable pool cleaning and maintenance price in Weston and the surrounding communities.



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