Pool Service Is More Than Just Going Through The Motions!


Weston Pool Service always ready to give you top notch pool care service

How many swimming pools do you think are there in Weston? I know there’s a record for this somewhere. I asked the question out of curiosity. We have been serving the Weston area for several years now and we keep adding more new customers to our list; it seems there’s an inexhaustible supply of them out there. Well, I don’t mind really. The more there are pool owners, the better for the business. I wish it was that simple but sad to say it’s not. Repairing, cleaning, and maintaining swimming pools is an excellent source of income, but that should not be the main purpose.

We at Weston Pool Service by Aqua Buddy Pools do our best at discharging our jobs to provide pool owners the best service in town, even more than their money’s worth.

We’ve received more requests from new customers concerning their pool problems this year. It seems that they were not happy with the results of how their swimming pools were taken care of. According to them, they know that they need to spend for the upkeep their pools and they are willing to do that as long as they are satisfied with the outcome. I’m not trying to put anyone down here but the sad reality today in pool service business is that many pool cleaners don’t know what they are doing and they are just going through the motions.

There’s no such thing with our Weston Pool Service. We have studied and researched the best approach to take when the pool is subjected to different kinds of conditions. We attend training and seminars. You expect a good service, you won’t be disappointed. We’ll give you an excellent one. We always go one notch higher when we work on your pool.

Is there a rule against unmaintained swimming pools in Weston? These pools are good habitats for mosquito breeding and could pose a threat to the health of your family and of the people in the community. There are certain cities in the US that enforce rules against unmaintained swimming pools in the wake of the Nile disease invasion. This is a mosquito borne disease and fatal one. Malaria is another.

Our Aqua Buddy’s Weston Pool Service has an excellent pool closing program. We will keep your pool hazard free. We will drain some of its water, treat it with organic chemicals to keep the mosquitoes away and kill any viruses and bacteria present in it, and cover it to prevent mosquitoes and other harmful organism from breeding on it and ensure that no accidents are going to happen there.

And when you need to use it, especially these coming holidays, we can open them again for you and you can expect a 100% working swimming pool, courtesy of our Weston Pool Service.

You can easily contact us by phone or by sending us an email. We realize the urgency of each request and that’s why we respond immediately without any delay.




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