We’ll Make Your Pool 100% Summer Ready!

Pool Service Fort Lauderdale is ready to make summer cool and full of fun

Are you ready to take on the hot summer?  How about your pool is it summer adequate? If it isn’t, you will need to have it primed since you’re really going to need it. With the heat comes a lot of dusts and these dusts brings with them a host of disease bearing microorganisms. With one dust particle millions of these microbes come tagging along. When they land on your pool they won’t drown but will multiply more if your water isn’t properly chlorinated.

We are ready at Aqua Buddy to give your pool the protection it needs to ensure that you get the full enjoyment from it. Our Pool Service Fort Lauderdale has been in constant readiness to give your pool a regular and most efficient service delivery. We’ll keep your pool water bacteria and virus resistant and no fungi or algae are going to contaminate it.

Aqua Buddy’s Pool Service Fort Lauderdale team is highly trained to take on anything that may come and affect your pools.

What your pool needs this summer is constant pool water monitoring. You can’t be complacent about its water pH. With a lot of people constantly congregating towards it, the chlorine river should be constantly monitored. Body sweat, dirt, dusts and maybe occasional urine will put the chlorine to task. Although the required pH is from 7.0 to 7.4, there should be allowance of 7.2 at the minimum.

Ph 7 may be safe but with heavy usage it can slide quickly below pH 7 to 6.9 or worse lower than that. And what does it mean? All the contaminants and pollutants which are present in pool water will suddenly turn active because your pool water has now turned acidic. This is the medium which all germs and microbes love to survive and multiply.

This is the reason why our Aqua Buddy’s Pool Service Fort Lauderdale team has to increase the pH minimum level higher in order to protect the water from becoming acidic. Will this be detrimental to your skin and eyes? No it won’t. The eye and body pH is at 7.4 which make the water at pH 7.2 safe from stinging your eyes and irritating your skin. What is important is that you are fully protected both outside your body and inside it.

Highly acidic water will also affect your eyes and skin and may cause gastro intestinal diseases. So the importance of maintaining the acceptable and standard pH shouldn’t be taken for granted at all. And aside from proper chlorine application, constant cleaning of the pool’s filtration system is also very crucial and also of the chlorine dispenser.

Removing both the floating debris and those that are found on the pool’s floor should be also done when they are present. They are aside from being an ideal spawning ground for pathogens; they can also sources of accidents.

Our Aqua Buddy’s Pool Service Fort Lauderdale team has the skill and equipment to take your pool’s cleaning and maintenance need to a higher level.

Our experience in the field of pool care is second to none. We always deliver on our commitments.




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