Should You Swim in a Strange Swimming Pool?

When it comes to your home swimming pool, you can be reasonably sure that the water conditions are going to be safe for you and your family. After all, you hire the best professional pool service that provides expert care in keeping water chemicals balanced and removing any debris.

But what about swimming in a pool other than your own, such as the pool at the hotel when you are on vacation in another city or even another country? How can you be sure those pools are safe?

Look Before You Leap

Before you get into a strange pool, for the safety of yourself and your family, it is often worthwhile to do a little snooping before jumping in.

The first thing you should do is conduct a visual inspection. Is the water clear or cloudy? Is there any debris floating on the surface or in the gutters? Look at the drains. Does it look like they have been cleaned recently? Or is there a buildup of algae or other potentially troublesome substances? If so, you may want to avoid using the pool.

Are They Licensed?

Next, look for a certificate of inspection or a public pool license. Local municipalities often require hotels, motels and other places that maintain pools to have them regularly inspected and approved by a local government body, such as a health department. If this is the case where you are, these certificates must be posted in a public place, such as near the entrance to the pool or on a common bulletin board.

If there are certificates, check to see that they are up to date and not expired.

Finally, ask the proprietor of the property which pool service company they use. If they don’t have a ready answer, you may want to skip your swim for the day and wait until you can get home to your safe, reliable home pool.




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