Sand Can Be the Enemy of Swimming Pools

Summer sandy beach with blur ocean on backgroundIf your backyard swimming pool is located near the ocean, a beach, or even a sandbox, you may be dealing with sand in your pool.

Sand can be a big problem for swimming pool owners. When it accumulates on pool bottoms, it can be uncomfortable to walk in your pool.

Plus, sandy pools always look dirty no matter how often your pool is cleaned.

Pool Service Pompano Beach — Sand Filters

If sand is a problem in your pool, you might want to consider adding a sand filter to your pool mechanics. Sand filters have more powerful vacuums that can capture and remove sand before it can accumulate on the bottom of your pool.

Sand filters are most commonly installed on beachside pools. But they can be a welcome addition to a home pool if sand is becoming an issue.

Pool Service Pompano Beach — Require Rinsing

A less costly solution is simply to require anybody swimming in your pool to rinse off their sandy feet and legs before going in the water.

Leave a hose nearby so people can give themselves a quick rinse. Just make sure it’s not directly next to the pool or the sandy rinse off water could flow back into your pool.

Pool Service Pompano Beach — Let the Professionals Handle Your Sand Problem

At Aqua Buddy Pools, our skilled pool technicians are experts at handling every type of pool problem, including sand buildup.

If sand is suddenly becoming an issue in your pool, we can increase the frequency of our cleanings to make sure your pool is always clean and sand-free. We also can use specialized equipment to vacuum the sand from the bottom of your pool, as well as removing floating sand particles from the water.

Enjoy your fun in the sun without having to worry about a sandy pool by calling Aqua Buddy Pools.




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