Removing Sand from Your Pool Requires the Right Tools

beach cityIf you live in Florida and your home is near the beach, getting sand in your pool isn’t just a possibility. It’s a certainty.

Sand can be easily tracked into your pool on the feet of beachgoers who move directly from the ocean into your pool. Even a good breeze can pick up some sand from the beach and drop it into your pool.

Fortunately, removing sand from your pool isn’t complicated … as long as you have the right tools for the job, that is.

Pool Service Pompano Beach — Pump and Filters

Pools that are close to the beach are usually equipped with pumps and filters designed specifically for removing sand. The pump keeps the water circulating through the filter, which removes fine particles such as sand.

Most pool filters actually contain sand, as well as diatomaceous earth or zeolite, which help remove fine particles and chlorine odors from your pool water. Pool pumps can run up to eight hours daily, constantly removing grains of sand and other small particles from your pool water.

Pool Service Pompano Beach — Cleaning and Maintaining Your Filters

But pool filters are only effective if they are kept clean and are maintained properly. Removable filters need to be taken out and replaced according to the manufacturer’s specifications. And the pump itself may require service to keep it running efficiently.

If there is a lot of sand getting into your pool — which is quite common with pools directly adjacent to beaches — then sand can actually begin to build up on the bottom and walls of your pool.

When this occurs, the professional pool technicians from Aqua Buddy will scrub down the walls and floor of your pool to loosen this built-up sand, then remove it safely using vacuums and other specialized equipment.

Pools near the beach require special care to prevent sand from building up. Aqua Buddy has you covered.




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