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Fort Lauderdale Pool Repair

With its tropical weather, it’s no wonder pools are so popular in Fort Lauderdale. No matter the month people here enjoy warm sunny climate that’s often complemented with a lovely soak in the pool. However, despite the fun they give, pools need to be properly maintained. If you’re looking for quality and affordable service Fort Lauderdale Pool Repair services, then we at Aqua Buddies Pool Services will gladly be of service.

Many people think that hiring a Fort Lauderdale Pool Repair service is unnecessary

This is not true as there are some pool maintenance and repairs that only professionals should do. I’m sure a lot of people are often asking, when do you call a Fort Lauderdale Pool Repair company and when do you do maintenance yourself. If you really want to save up on maintenance costs there are some basic maintenance practices that you can do yourself. The most basic would be getting rid of floating debris by using a hand skimmer to remove floating items every two to three days. In addition vacuuming the pool and cleaning out the strainer baskets once a week can make your stay cleaner for longer periods of time. Also regularly clean out the filter according to manufacturer’s instructions. And remove algae because if they build up they can clog up the drains and filters. If you’re on a tight schedule, on vacation or cannot clean your pool all by yourself, you can call a Fort Lauderdale Pool Repair as they also do regular cleaning and maintenance.

However there are some pool maintenance activities that are best handled by Fort Lauderdale Pool Repair technicians. One of these includes heater repairs and maintenance. While heaters do not need much attention, they need to be regularly checked for calcium deposits or other damages. And since they require disassembling, it’s best to leave them in the hands of an expert. You should also calla Fort Lauderdale Pool Repair service if you’re planning to totally drain your pool. Dangers of draining an inground pool include collapse of walls. Draining above ground pools on the other hand can cause tears in the liner. Cracks and leaks are also best handled by Fort Lauderdale Pool Repair personnel. Aside from the fact that they’re adept in draining pools and finding leaks, they can also patch up damages to make your pool good as new.

Some people often prefer to make repairs themselves instead of calling a professional Fort Lauderdale Pool Repair service.

This is not advisable because trying to fix damaged heaters, drainage systems and other parts of the pool system might actually lead to more damage and of course more spending. So while you may pay for Fort Lauderdale Pool Repair services you’re actually saving money and protecting your investment.
If you need a Fort Lauderdale Pool Repair company call us at Aqua Buddies and well fix your pool problems right away. We also offer other services for spas and regular pool maintenance. We also do pool upgrades. Don’t hesitate to contact us for any concerns about your pool.



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