What Your Eyes Can See, Your Skin Can Feel It, Too





AQUABUDDY gives you a picture perfect and user perfect pools

Are you happy every time you happen to look at your swimming pool? Are you proud that you have right one in your backyard? Don’t you have second thoughts before you lower your body into the water or jump into it? Your answers may very well reflect whether you trust or not the pool service company presently handling your pool cleaning and maintenance.

You won’t even look at your pool if you do, you just keep shaking your head. It shows that you’re not happy with your pool. The pool service representative doesn’t come at schedule time and when he all he does is just performing perfunctory tasks which don’t really do anything to alleviate the bad condition of your pool. You kept on sending email messages to complain, but the manager‘s only reply you get is “I’ll follow it up, right away” which he never does owing to the same condition your pool is suffering at present.

One of the most disliked service companies in the business are those that operate pool cleaning and maintenance services. If you read the forums you will see a lot of complaints there about lousy pool services. Many are receiving too many customers to handle or they don’t have the equipment and tools of the trade. They’re using crude and antiquated machines which have become inefficient and ineffective in doing their tasks.

The lack of trained and professional manpower is another contributing factor to the glaring lack of expertise in keeping your pool in top condition. Some of these cleaning companies are just a one man gig. Is it really difficult to find a very respectable pool service company? If we have to base it on the complaints, it seems that’s the case. However, it’s not Tue. There are many pool service companies which take their jobs seriously and one of them is AQUABUDDY. We are proud to say that we are the number in Pompano Beach.

Our aim is always to keep your pool not only picture perfect abut user perfect. Some pools may look very beautiful, but when you use them you can’t help but scratch your skins and cover your eyes from time to time in an effort to minimize the stinging sensation. What’s responsible for this? There are two things. One, it’s over chlorinated or the chlorine doesn’t work anymore. It works both ways.

After we‘re finished with your pool you can clearly see the bottom of the pool and is sparklingly clean and so are the walls. The water is clear and blue and radiant and smells perfectly good. The filter is working overtime on removing any dirt from the water. Every time you glance at your pool you know you can use it any time you want and the pool is contributing a lot to the beauty of the surrounding.

Why can we do these things and other cannot? We have a full staff compliment and also the latest pool cleaning equipment at our disposal. We have all the green chemicals to ensure that the water is free from bacteria, viruses and other contaminants. Most of all you’ll be surprised at how reasonable our charges are.

Since you’re happy you won’t really mind paying. However, you’re happier because you know the prices you pay are very reasonable and you’re getting the full value of your dollars. So if you’re looking for the top pool service Pompano Beach, its AQUABUDDY, buddy. Call us now and let us end your misery.





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