Pool Service Ft Lauderdale: A Real Gem In Pool Service Provider!


Pool Service Ft Lauderdale by Aqua Buddy

It’s better swimming in a pool than at the beach. At least we have full control of what’s going on inside the pool, but do we really? Do you trust your pool maintenance service provider?  If you find one you can really trust and delivers according to their promises, then you have a treasure in your possession. Reliable and dependable pool cleaning service providers are as rare as finding real gems, and Aqua Buddy – Pool Service Ft Lauderdale is one of those gems. You may have tired of looking for one that can deliver according to your expectations and is truly committed, but I can assure you that your search is over.

Pool Service Ft Lauderdale knows their way around when swimming pools are concerned. Nothing escapes how they go about cleaning your pool using using their check list method.

And they don’t do things alone without consulting you first at the very outset before they start doing their chores. Pool Service Ft Lauderdale will have you privy to all the jobs that they’d carry out on your pools and most of the suggestions will be coming from you.

Pool Service Ft Lauderdale may call it suggestions but you may call it complains. You may start by telling Pool Service Ft Lauderdale what the previous service provider did wrong and how you want it resolved. A Pool Service Ft Lauderdale representative will take note and list all your complaints. Then Pool Service Ft Lauderdale is going to make a formal list which will include some of their observations as well. After that, Pool Service Ft Lauderdale will supply you your own copy and you can make further corrections.

Of course, Pool Service Ft Lauderdale can do everything on their own and they’re going to discover the shortcomings using their expertise. But Pool Service Ft Lauderdale would like to hear your opinion as well if you want a more hands-on approach in your pool maintenance. There are biweekly maintenance schedules. This will dwell mostly on your chlorine concentration check up and skimming the surface for floating debris.

Pool Service Ft Lauderdale is going to stabilize the pool water’s integrity to see to it that any time you want to use the pool you’ll feel nothing but the refreshing sensation of clear clean water.

Pool Service Ft Lauderdale will do once a week filter system check up. Chlorine will have a hard time maintaining the cleanliness of water if the filter is not working perfectly. Too much contaminants present in the water will overwhelm the ability of chlorine to maintain the ideal pH and the water will go acidic which is unhealthy for swimming.

Monthly pool check-ups by Pool Service Ft Lauderdale will include bringing water samples to testing labs to check their viability. You may need to increase your chlorine concentration to a higher level. The presence of rust, calcium and other hard water impurities may have to be dealt with. Pool Service Ft Lauderdale may need to shock treat your pool with a sanitizer to bring the water back to a more acceptable level.




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