Getting Your Pool Ready Early This Summer

Now that winter is finally fading into a distant memory and the weather is once again warming up, it’s time to start thinking about getting your pool ready for summer.

Preparing your pool is something many homeowners tend to push to the back burner. After all, there are so many other things competing for your attention in the spring — including communions, proms, graduations, getting your garden ready, and so forth — that prepping your pool often falls low on the priority list.

Early Bird Swimming Season

One way to make sure that your pool is ready to go when your are ready to use it is to open your pool early this year. You don’t need to wait until the temperature tops 75 or 80 degrees F to prepare your pool for the summer season. Contact your pool service now and take advantage of the early season to schedule your pool maintenance before they get too busy.

Waiting until the pool season is in full swing often means waiting longer for an appointment with your pool service. But if you open your pool early this year, you can be ready for backyard fun before anybody else. That means you can designate your home as the party destination for the rest of the summer season.

Don’t Wait to Get Your Supplies

Spring is also the best time to buy all the supplies you will need for your pool this summer before your local home improvement store or pool supply house runs out of the most popular items. There’s nothing worse than wanting to use your pool but being unable because you lack one or two essential supplies.

When you open your pool early you also get to extend the use of your backyard pool longer, especially if you have a heater that can keep the water temperature comfortable even when the outside air is still a bit chilly.

This year, don’t wait to open your pool. Contact your pool service now so you can start the summer early!



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