Pool Games the Whole Family Can Play

Now that we are in the hottest days of summer, the whole family is spending more time around the backyard swimming pool.

For many families, however, each person is off doing their own thing: Mom may be sunning herself on a chaise lounge, dad could be catching up on the latest scores on his smart phone, while the kids are splashing and jumping in the pool with seemingly boundless energy.

Families have more fun when they do things together. So here are some fun and exciting pool games families can play to encourage togetherness and make the most of their fun summer days together.


Everybody loves the international competitive spirit of the summer Olympic games that are held every four years. Host a family-only version in your own backyard with your swimming pool.

Each family gets to choose their own “country” to represent. Then everybody competes in a series of events, including swim races, diving contests, who can make the biggest splash, and other wet, wacky fun.

“Tag, You’re It”

One person is designated as “It” and it’s their goal to tag somebody else in order to transfer ownership of being “It” to them. Meanwhile, the other players need to try to avoid being tagged by whoever is “It”.

None of the players may leave the pool and something such as a ladder or a towel placed on the deck is designated as “Safe”. So anybody who is touching the “Safe” object is immune from being tagged.

“Shipwreck Treasure”

Use a tiny object that’s difficult to see underwater — such as a coin or a small plastic toy that doesn’t float — and designate it as the shipwreck treasure.

One person throws the treasure into the pool. After it sinks to the bottom, all players compete to be the first to retrieve it.

Family fun around the pool by playing games such as these can create lasting memories.



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