Pool Etiquette for Rental Properties

When you rent a condo or townhouse in a vacation destination resort or property, it’s common that there will be a pool on the property. In most cases, as a paying guest, you are entitled to the same pool privileges as the permanent residents of the property.

But it’s often a good idea to double check what your rental entitles you to before grabbing your suntan lotion and sunglasses and heading for the pool.

A quick phone call to the rental agency or the property’s front desk usually is all that’s required to clarify whether or not you are allowed to use the pool.

If neither of these options are available, you can send a quick email or text to the property owner.

Read Any Posted Rules

Assuming you are allowed to enjoy the pool at your leisure — which is the most likely scenario — you are still required to follow all the same pool rules as everybody else. Generally, pools at properties that are often rented out will have a list of any special rules posted near the pool itself. It’s a good idea for you and anybody in your group who will be using the pool to review these rules first.

Even if there aren’t any rules posted, there are some common sense rules that you should always follow. For example, broken glass and swimming pools don’t mix. So if you are enjoying refreshments poolside, make sure they come in either plastic containers or aluminum cans.

Be Respectful of Others

The rules of civility apply to swimming pools as well as anywhere else. Avoid becoming too rowdy or loud, especially if you are imbibing in alcohol. Swimmers are usually required to always wear the appropriate swimwear while in or near the pool area.

Nudity is generally not allowed.

Just because you are on vacation doesn’t necessarily give you the right to be disruptive to others. Have fun, enjoy your vacation, but keep it within the limits of civility.




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