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Pool Services Hollywood by Aqua Buddy is what everyone’s idea of what a superb pool cleaning service should be. They’ve been in the business long enough to know what every pool owner expects from their pool service provider. Whatever pool maintenance, clean up, or repair your pool is in dire need of, Pool Services Hollywood will see to it that your money will get more than its value in terms of service rendered.  As pool owners it’s a lot of load off your back knowing that your pool is in capable hands. You don’t have to second guess whether your pool is ready every time you go for a splash.

Pool Services Hollywood will see to it that your pool is ready any time you want to enjoy it for several laps of continuous swimming, free of germs and floating obstacles.

We in Pool Services Hollywood are licensed full-fledged pool service providers. We’re highly legitimate and top professionals expected to carry out all pool care services in the highest tradition of the word. We’re able to get several customers by referrals from our existing customers. They know how some of their pool owner friends and relatives are in one way or another expressing dissatisfaction with how their pool service providers are not living up to their expectations.

Our expertise in Pool Services Hollywood includes all kinds of swimming pools. Whatever type of materials you have in your pools, vinyl, granite, fiberglass, cement tiles and poured cement, we can very well clean them without any problem. Different materials require different cleaning approaches and we’ve studied this with serious consideration. There’s nothing in pool maintenance and cleaning services that’s impossible with us.

We at Pool Services Hollywood always see to it that we’re well informed and well trained when it comes to pool care and services involving all pool concerns.

And whatever pool design you have in your backyard, cleaning and maintaining them does not differ too much from each other. Above ground pools, in ground pools, and gunite pools among others are cleaned using the same approach. And the shape of your pools doesn’t matter at all. We at Pool Services Hollywood can clean them all without any difficulties and with amazing results.  Indoor and outdoor pool you say? The only difference we can distinguish between the two is that outdoor pools need more cleaning; aside from that, they’re pretty much the same in repair and maintenance.

Pool Services Hollywood will take care of your pool’s walls and floors, the water’s pH, washing the filters, re calibrating the generator, and making sure that the chlorine dispenser works perfectly. We will also repair structure related damages such as broken tiles, leaking pipes, and water passing through cracks and fissures at the bottom of your pool. Our Pool Services Hollywood maintenance experts will not allow your pool to sustain any defects. We’ll see to it that your pool is 100% healthy.

We’re inviting you to give us a one time try, we at Pool Services Hollywood will show you how much your money’s worth.



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