You Have To Be Sure That Your Pool Is Absolutely Safe!


Weston Pool Service, you’ll need them to keep your pool super clean and super healthy

If it’s quality and worthwhile cleaning results that you really want, come to the most trusted name in pool cleaning services. Weston Pool Service by Aqua Body Pools carries with it several years of impeccable experience serving the Weston area and its surroundings delivering highly credible and reliable performance always to the satisfaction of their customers. Keeping your pool safe and clean is what they do best.  If you’re too busy that you don’t have time to check on what’s going on in your home cleaning, you can depend on Weston Pool Service by Aqua Body Pools to see to it that you will enjoy your pool with the superior cleaning touch when you want to use it.

Our Weston Pool Service is capable of cleaning and maintaining no matter what kind of pool you have.

Do you have tiles, vinyl, fresh water, salt system, custom built pools; whatever you have there, we will give it cleaning and maintenance like no other. Your custom built pools will get the cleaning that’s meant for them and not just the usual cleaning which does not conform to specifications.

You may have a special pool right there in your yard. It might need a special way of cleaning. You will need a trained specialist and highly experienced pool operative to see to it that nothing bad will happen to it. A lot of chemicals have corrosive effects on some pool surfaces; and not only that, special equipment is needed to ensure that your pool’s surface is maintained in its pristine condition.

Nothing escapes us. If you have some concerns about your pool may it be proper cleaning, high quality maintenance, skillful repair, dealing with removing any pathogens that may be contaminating the water, we have you covered. You will need only our Weston Pool Service to deal with all your cleaning, repair and maintenance requirements. We always give importance to the needs of our customers. We know how important your pools are to you.

Summer is almost here and your pool will become the center of the season’s activities. Friends and visitors will be coming over and poolside activities will become a more regular happening. With more people using your pool, there will be a need to increase pool cleaning and maintenance requirements.

Remember that aside from increased body volume there is also an increase in the sun’s solar power supply. Both these will put heavy loads on your pool water, affecting the effectiveness of chlorine. The pH of pool water should always be monitored. Microbes such as harmful bacteria and viruses will increase when the pH goes below 7.4, more so if it reaches below 7.

Swimmers will suffer a lot of discomfort such as eye soreness and skin irritations. And these are not even the most serious conditions you will have to deal with. GI track infections due to occasional swallowing of the dirty water will lead to loose bowel movement. Swimmers may discharge their urine in the pool and there are those even that will defecate there.

Only using the expertise and professional cleaning techniques by our Weston Pool Service will totally keep your pool highly sanitary and safe.

Give us a call or send us an email. We will assure you of your pool’s top notch cleaning. Your pool equipment will be working efficiently 24/7 and that will mean your pool water continue to enjoy a high cleaning rate.



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