We Are Offering Your Pool A Summer Troubleshooting Special!

Fort Lauderdale Pool Service will have your pool summer-ready

Fort Lauderdale Pool Service

Summer isn’t here yet, but the heat is beginning to show its strength. It’s going to be a very hot summer. If you have a swimming pool better have it prepared to last the entire summer months. It’s going to be busy hosting several bodies day in and day out. Fort Lauderdale Pool Service by Aqua Buddy Pools would like to offer you our troubleshooting special to keep your pools fine tuned for the summer.  You can call us and we will bring with us our checklist and go over your pool for a thorough once over.

It’s better to always be prepared and that’s what our Fort Lauderdale Pool Service is trying to do.. Managed by Aqua Buddy Pools, we have provided a lot of assistance to pool owners in distress.

Summer season is always pool season. And this coming summer is no different. We know how important it is to keep your pool 100% ready. We’re coming up with our pool preparation offer ahead of time. The cold weather is on the way out and even before summer has hit us with its full force, a lot of people have started already hitting their pools and the beaches.

Your filtration system will get our first attention. It keeps the dirt out. Then we will go and inspect your chlorine dispenser. Between these two lay the safety of your pool water. Any of these two not properly functioning will make your water unhealthy causing not only skin allergies, but also GI track infection every time you swallow the water.

We will also go over the pipes and inspect them closely for any leaks. Rust and improper connections may cause them to burst and that would entail a major repair. And your pool structure may also need some repair because of the presence of progressive cracks. They start as tiny fissures, but before you know it, they have developed to be major breaches. You may observe that the waterline is going down, but leaks are not always easy to detect. You won’t see the drops of water, but forms as moisture on the surface structure.

We are experienced in repairing the damages before they become fully blown, will be easier to handle and cheaper on the pocket. The parts involved may still be repaired and you don’t need to buy brand new. Repairing the pool without draining it fully is the best way to do it. Draining water is very expensive because you have to replace it with a new one and you have to  apply again new set of chemicals.

Aqua Buddy Pools specializes in cleaning, repairing and maintaining all kinds of pools including commercial and residential types. Our Fort Lauderdale Pool Service has done a great deal of success in solving pool owners’ problems.

We have the latest cleaning equipment and chemicals. We only use green cleaning chemicals and employ technicians with proper formal training and several years of experience. And we respond to your calls and inquiry on the same day. We have also the cheapest prices in the business and the highest quality when it comes to results.





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