Keeping Your Pool Clean and Safe for Summer

The quality of the water in your pool affects not only the way it looks, but the safety and health of the people who use it.

Trying to save a few bucks by using less expensive chemicals or attempting to provide maintenance you aren’t trained to perform generally isn’t a good idea. There’s too much at risk when it comes to the health and safety of your family and their friends. The place to cut corners isn’t on the balancing and sanitizing of your pool.

Pools Need Regular Maintenance

Pools are mechanical systems, so they can’t be expected to work properly without regular, routine maintenance.

At the very least, pools should be inspected by a qualified pool service professional at least at the beginning of the swimming service. Even new pools need to be checked out before they are opened.

Common Pool Contaminants

Besides balancing the chemicals that keep a pool safe from bacteria and algae, there are other contaminants that can affect the safety of your pool. Leaves and debris that blow into the pool are not only unsightly, but can clog up the filters and negatively affect the water flow that is essential to keeping your pool safe.

Sunscreen and spills from swimmers also can affect the safety of your pool. Routine maintenance should include regularly scrubbing the pool’s walls, vacuuming the bottom remove debris, and skimming the surface to remove anything floating on the water’s surface.

Professional Pool Services

A regular pool service can provide your pool with everything it needs to keep it fully functional all the time. You never have to worry about cleaning or maintaining your pool and can rest assured that the safety of your family and guests is in the hands of a highly qualified professionals.

Have fun this summer without worrying about the safety of your pool.




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