Provides Homeowners with Useful Pool Tips

Weston Pool ServiceCaring for a pool can be a lot of work. This is why many homeowners turn to a Weston pool service for help. Once every week or two, you can have a professional come and clean your pool. They will inspect your pool filter and equipment and test the chemical levels of your water. This keeps your pool running smoothly and increases its service life. While these are great benefits, there are still some tasks that you may have to handle on your own. Here are some useful pool tips for homeowners.

Use a Tennis Ball to Soak Up Oils

On a sunny day, your family and guests will likely lather up with suntan lotion or sunblock. Unfortunately, some of this lotion can end up in your pool. The oils and chemicals from the lotions can mix with your pool water. While this is not always a major problem, it can require you or your Weston pool service to adjust the chemical balance of your water more frequently.

One solution is to throw a couple of tennis balls into your pool. The tennis balls will soak up the oils and keep them from mixing with your water. You can even leave the tennis balls in your pool all the time.

Keep Your Dog Out of the Pool

Even if your dog loves to swim, their hair can dirty your pool. Also, the chlorine in your pool water is not good for your dog’s skin. It can lead to irritation and dry skin. If your dog regularly swims in the pool, then you may notice that you have to clean out your pool filter more often. Instead of dealing with this, you should simply choose to keep your dog out of the pool.

Do Not Overheat Your Pool

When you have a pool heater, it can be tempting to crank the heat up and enjoy a hot swim. But, this can be costly. It can also promote the growth of algae and bacteria. If you live in Weston, chances are that the pool will be mostly warm during the summer. Even if the water is a little chilly, once you swim around for a minute you should warm up.

These are just a few simple tips that you can use to cut down on the work that needs to be performed by a professional Weston pool service. Use these suggestions to keep your pool clean and healthy.



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