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AQUABUDDY, the perfect cleaning machine

Swimming pools, they come in different t sizes and shapes. They’re also made from different kinds of materials chosen by the owners themselves.  It’s really wonderful to own one and have it right in your backyard. Just ask those homeowners how convenient to find one just outside their doors.  Pools also helps in transforming the entire real estate making it look impressive. The presence of this magnificent structure and the sparkling blue water dominates the entire scenery.

Swimming pools, however, are just as beautiful as how much the owners are willing to spend for its clean up and maintenance.  A once a week clean up is the minimum requirement to keep the pool in good condition. Let’s say the pool is barely healthy at this stage.

A twice a week clean up would improve the pool’s cleanliness by a hundred percent. The pH stays at the correct alkaline level because it’s closely monitored. There are also no debris floating on the surface and neither underneath the water since they’re closely monitored and removed regularly

When we say cleanliness, people would usually refer to what the eyes can see. The pool water is blue, it’s looking fresh and there is nothing in it. The pool itself is free of imbedded dirt due to constant brushing and scrubbing. Even the embankment, the diving board, and the filter are totally devoid of mud, soil, and all kinds of dirt.

There’s another kind of cleanliness which the eyes can’t see, but the skin can feel. This is the effect of what chlorine can do. The water pH is, maintained between 7.2 and 7.4 which is the best way to ensure that there are no bacteria and other microscopic pathogens in the water. The alkaline pH will kill them. If the water pH slides below pH 7.0 the water will become acidic. Acidic water is the best medium for bacteria to survive and multiply. This is another aspect of pool cleanliness which is more important than the first one.

However, we’re not saying that chlorine can clean the pool completely without physical clean up. Both of them are important. The pool won’t be completely clean by only utilizing one without the other. Physical clean up will eliminate the habitat where the germs live and propagate and it’s the chlorine that will remove whatever is found in the water.

It is with this principle that we at AQUABUDDY approach the cleaning of your pool. It’s a 2 prong attack and we have perfected this cleaning technique. It’s simple, but the result is spectacular. However, it requires total cleaning diligence and know-how. Once we were able to find the right cleaning mix using these 2 approaches, the rest is history.

We became so adept in our cleaning method that we can carry out our cleaning strategy faster than what other pool cleaners can do and yet the outcome is more superior to what they can do. You will also find out that what we charge the most reasonable fees in the business.

If you’re looking for the #1 Hollywood pool service company, you mean AQUaBUDDY.








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