There Are Certain Things That Your Pool Needs First And Foremost!


Hollywood Pool Service knows their priority

There are a lot angles to consider when performing pool cleaning, repair, and maintenance. It’s not limited to maintaining the pH of the pool water, although I might add that maintaining the pH is the number one aspect of the entire proceedings. A pool only becomes enjoyable with water in it and it should be clean and safe for everyone to use. Diagnosing the pool water and troubleshooting whatever may be ailing it is the first priority that every pool service company must be able to achieve with a high rate of success. Failing that will put the swimmer’s health in danger.

That is why it’s important that the people working in a Hollywood Pool Service should have the ability to determine every aspect of the pool’s operation and function.

Every piece of pool equipment functions to maintain water integrity. The filters, pumps, heaters, dispensers, and valves should work in harmony to deliver the cleanest water possible. Any malfunction in one of this equipment is enough to tip the balance of the water’s pH. It’s important therefore that the Hollywood Pool Service you hire is able to keep everything running smoothly and without any interference.

We at Aqua Buddy have more than adequate knowledge about water pollution and contaminants and why pool water becomes unsafe for swimmers. Our Hollywood Pool Service personnel have working experience and skill training regarding why pool water turns murky, white, or green and how to reverse the condition without you having to spend a lot.

Water decontamination is part of our service. No swimming pool under our care gets any of these undesirable conditions. We are always on watch about what’s going on in your pool and we never let our guard down. With proper water chemistry always maintained on the high end, bacteria and viruses won’t survive in your pool water. But when the pH begins to slide to a very dangerous level below 7 and continues to dive to a lower 6 or even 5, your troubles are just beginning.

That is why our Hollywood Pool Service uses the best pool sweeps and suction pumps when we clean your pools. We make sure that no germs are left at the bottom, side walls, and embankments. If there’s a need, we apply chlorine shock and acid wash procedures to complete the cleaning and maintenance process.

In another development, news about pool drowning is very sad indeed. These things can easily be avoided if proper safety measures are applied to the pools. But even the best plans can go awry. That’s why we at Aqua Buddy are always on the lookout for the best safety methods to keep your pool accident proof. Here are some of the safety tips that we have for you: Children should not be allowed to swim by themselves. If you have any missing child, start by looking for them at the pool, pool drains, and other openings which can entrap them. Teaching them safety tips and basic swimming lessons will help a lot in keeping them out of danger.

Installing structures such as pool safety fences, safety pool covers, and safety nets are also excellent ways of avoiding drowning accidents. Our Hollywood Pool Service can help you with this.

Aqua Buddy has been in the pool care business for several years now and we have mastered the art. Anything that has to do with your swimming pools cleanliness, repair, maintenance, and safety measures, you can rely on us to deliver with perfect results.



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