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Hollywood Pool Service will give your pool the cleaning and maintenance that it deserves for your perfect enjoyment.

What makes owning a swimming pool enjoyable? For sure, it’s the water that gives the pool its fun prospects, but it’s the same water that brings all the problems to the pool. The water makes the pool enjoyable while at the same time causing all that’s wrong with the swimming pool. If you’re the owner, what are you going to do about it? You want to use your pool without making it dirty. You want to eat your cake and have it too. Is this possible? Yes, swimming pools are supposed to be like that. You can use them all you want; they’ll remain very clean every time you want to use them.

As a pool owner you don’t have the resources to clean your pool, but you can ask Aqua Buddy’s Hollywood Pool Service to do it for you.

Aqua Buddy’s Hollywood Pool Service can assist you in all aspects of pool cleaning, repair, and maintenance. They know everything there is to know about your pool down to its design, construction and operation. It’s to your benefit to hire them because of this very comprehensive knowledge. They’ll know where to start cleaning, what parts need more maintenance, how to keep the water safe without making your skin and eyes suffer,  the proper temperature that your pool has, in other words, they’re all knowing when it comes to pools.

If you need to upgrade your old pool’s interior and transform it into a more modern and fresh looking one, you can rely on their long expertise and experience to add more life to your otherwise archaic pool design. There are several Diamond Brite finishes which you can choose from to bring about the much needed renovation. A good combination of one, two, or three colors will definitely do the job. And to complete the changeover, and acid wash will remove all the stains, blemishes, blots and spots of dirt completely from your pool.

If you’re planning to drain your pool water, Aqua Buddy’s Hollywood Pool Service technicians know how to comply with the Federal laws that govern the removal of water from your pool. There are rules concerning manual drains, automatic drains, and multiple drains and so on. Aqua Buddy Pools’ Hollywood Pool Service has made it their business to know all these. This is for your own protection.

They have fully trained personnel and are well equipped to handle your spa cleaning and maintenance. They’ll clean your spa, including the pumps, filters, and blowers and other spa equipment necessary for running an efficient spa operation. They can also perform equipment repairs if your old ones aren’t working.

Aqua Buddy Pools’ Hollywood Pool Service will always see to it that your pool is always available for your pleasure and enjoyment with perfect water chemistry, temperature, and tidiness.

The same thing goes for your spa.

You’ll have a choice among their several cleaning services offers. They’re all within your budget. Remember this: your pool liner and surfaces are sensitive to corrosive cleaning chemicals. Aqua Buddy’s  Hollywood Pool Service has stopped using this type of cleaning materials long ago. Aside from destroying your pools, they’ll also damage the surrounding ecosystem.



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