Things to Consider When Hiring a Pool Service

When homeowners hire a pool service to clean and maintain their pool, usually the first thing they look at is the cost. But choosing the cheapest pool cleaning service isn’t always the best move.

Here are five other important considerations when hiring a pool service:

  • Are They Licensed? — Depending on where you live, a pool service may need to have both a business license and a contractor’s license to legally be in business. While a contractor’s license is not always required for simple pool maintenance and cleaning, if the service is going to do any mechanical work, it may be necessary in some states.

  • Do They Have Insurance? — Pool services are required to have liability insurance. This is to protect them as well as you should something go wrong, such as somebody become injured because of excess chemicals in your pool. It’s important that the pool service you hire is insured and that their insurance is current before allowing them to work on your pool.
  • How Is Their Customer Service — Customer service is more important than many people think. If you have a problem with your pool or you need to reschedule a cleaning appointment, you want to make sure that the person you are dealing with is efficient, polite and courteous. If you constantly get a recorded message every time you call your pool service, how can you tell that your message is being heard?
  • Professionalism — Cut-rate pool services often lack the professionalism of the bigger and more successful companies. You may have heard horror stories about a pool technician pulling up in his personal car or truck then stepping out in his cut-offs or swim trunks to service the pool. Are you confident in the type of service you are receiving from this type of service? Not to mention what your neighbors will think.

Getting professional, high-quality work that you can depend on is usually worth the extra cost.



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