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Pool Services Pompano Beach by Aqua Buddy

Swimming pools may have a decorative effect, but they’re built for more than that: your recreational purposes. They’re supposed to keep you happy and at the same time physically fit. An if well maintained, swimming pools can increase your real estate value. Aqua Buddy’s Pool Services Pompano Beach will help you make all these perfectly possible.

How do we at Pool Services Pompano Beach make this attainable? What make us unique from the other pool service providers?

Pool Services Pompano Beach and most pool maintenance companies know the proper ways of pool care. What we do at Pool Services Pompano Beach is follow all the standard procedure. We don’t exclude any of them; we don’t take shortcuts. We know what we’re doing and we do them accordingly.

Take for example maintaining pool chemistry. Every pool service provider knows how important this is. The cleanliness of pool water depends much on it. We at Pool Services Pompano Beach do this religiously. We do a weekly chlorine check; if your pool has heavy traffic, we do it twice.

But there are pool service providers which don’t check the pool chemistry regularly but Pool Services Pompano Beach does this to keep your pool free from pathogens.

And how much chlorine do we apply in your water? PH 8 pool water is only 10% chlorine effective. That saturation level is too high for chlorine to do its job efficiently. Take this situation as an example. The more swimmers the pool has, the less they enjoy the pool. There are just too many swimmers to make the pool enjoyable. The overcrowding of chlorine in the pool water will render it useless at a certain point because of over saturation.

Keeping the pH at 7 to 7.3 will make the chlorine 73% to 75% more powerful. Increasing it some more to 7.5 pH will make it only 50% active, or up to 60% in some cases. The higher the pH, over 7.5, the less chlorine can do its job. This is what we mean by Pool Services Pompano Beach knows our job.

And again, there are pool service providers which under supply your pools with chlorine while there are those which over supplies them. Either way, you lose money. It’s a combination of ignorance and laziness on their part.

It’s also very important to clean the chlorine generator. Pool Services Pompano Beach experts know this is another way of losing money.

Calcified chlorine generators become inefficient and you’ll need more chlorine to clean the pool. We also check water alkalinity regularly and dissolved solids in the pool.

Remember that filters also play a crucial role in maintaining water cleanliness. That’s why we do clean them but not as much since it’ll do them no good; Pool Services Pompano Beach experts again to the rescue. Under cleaning or over cleaning the filter will not be in their interest.

So you see pool servicing requires so much knowledge as well as hard work and we at Pool Services Pompano Beach have both. Your pool will continue to perform 100% and you spend less money.



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