You Need A Spring Pool Evaluation Service!

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Fort Lauderdale Pool Service will evaluate your pool for free making it ready for the summer

Spring is here and it’s usually this season that house cleaning goes into earnest. Why not include your swimming pools. After spring comes summer and the season will have an abrupt change from cold to hot. That’s right, not warm but hot. And to jump to your pool on the first summer day would really be refreshing.  The sun comes in full strength after having been relegated to the background for a long time. Its payback time and the sun won’t be denied of its summer reign.

Fort Lauderdale Pool Service by Aqua Buddy Pools will give your pool the maintenance that will make it more enjoyable and fun to use.

Come summer months your pool will be in perfect condition. But you might say that it’s too early for our Fort Lauderdale Pool Service technicians to start cleaning now. What we have in mind is something more complete such as inspecting the whole pool system including the structure and the equipment. A thorough checkup is more like it. Our Fort Lauderdale Pool Service seasoned technicians will start checking for any possible leaks.

Then after that your heater, pump, chlorine dispenser, filter system, drainage and piping system will also undergo evaluation. Any part of your pool that needs repair can easily be remedied by our skilled pool technicians and before you know it, your pool is ready for summer.

If you find too early for the actual cleaning and repair, you can avail of our early pool evaluation or EPE for free. We will come over and give your pool free inspection. If there are no problems, then at least you will know that all you need may be a simple pool cleaning. If you want us to do the cleaning later, we will include you in our spring listing and we will agree on the appropriate schedule to do it. If you don’t want us to do it, we will respect your decision.

If however, we find some defects, minor or major ones, we will give you a detailed report including the damage involved, the cost of repair or how much is the cost of the replacement parts. And again, if you don’t want us to do the repairing, you don’t have any obligation to us. We will respect your decision.

Fort Lauderdale Pool Service by Aqua Buddy Pools has been serving this area for a long time now and has always been honest in our dealings with homeowners here. We treat them as neighbors and that’s why our services are always geared towards perfect results. And you will be surprised at how much our repair and clean up charges are.

Our Fort Lauderdale Pool Service has the cheapest costing in repair, clean up and maintenance operations.

It’s always our pleasure to serve you. We have all the modern facilities and the manpower to keep up with your pool needs. You don’t have to wait for our action response. We promise the same day service.



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