Your Pool Is An Accident Waiting To Happen!


Fort Lauderdale Pool Service will ensure your total safety from any eventualities

Pool equipment needs electricity to operate. Pump motors and heaters are two of these. The National Electric Code is very strict with the installation of electrical wirings on your pools. Overhead wires are not allowed, only underground connections. There are strict regulations which dictate how wiring should be installed, their distance from the pool, and their encasing materials. Water and electricity are a deadly combination. They seldom mix, but often with deadly results. And not only that, a fire may result if proper precautions.

We at Aqua Buddy Pools never fail to remind our Fort Lauderdale Pool Service personnel to be careful when they are doing their maintenance chores.

They should stay clear from these wiring and if they notice any exposed wiring or anything that is out of the ordinary, they are to report this to the owner for immediate action. This is a part of our Fort Lauderdale Pool Service. We don’t only clean and maintain your pools; we also help maintain the general safety of your pools. Our extra efforts have helped a lot of our customers avoid accidents, and they are very thankful to us for being always vigilant and safety conscious.

Many pool owners are not aware of the fact that pools can cause fires. Circuits getting shorted and overheating pumps or water heaters among others may cause fires which will burn the house and cause loss of life and properties.  Another source of fires is the chemicals in the pool which are allowed to stay in the water for long periods of time. The chemicals may break down resulting in a combustible product and spontaneous combustion.

Fort Lauderdale Pool Service team will never allow any of these things to happen to your pool as long as we are in charge of your pool’s maintenance program. Accidents happen due to a lack of training and knowledge concerning how pools operate. It’s not because it has lots of water in it that pool is not a fire hazard. It is and should be treated with a lot of caution. We have clean up experts, repair experts, and, electrical experts to ensure your safety.

So while we go inspecting your pool for its regular general checkup, we include everything and when we’re finished, you can be sure that your pool is safe to swim in and is free of any condition that may put your life and your family in danger. Accidents may happen, but the certainty of those things happening is much less with us around.

Vigilance, systematic maintenance procedure, and complete pool structural knowledge are what give our Fort Lauderdale Pool Service team the advantage over our competitors.

These coming holidays you may want our Fort Lauderdale Pool Service team to give your pool a total evaluation inspection. We tend to use a lot of lights more than the usual and this will also mean additional circuit connections. Let us inspect the pool area just to ensure that everything is according to the National Electric Code rules and regulations.



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