Differences between Indoor and Outdoor Pool Maintenance

The service and maintenance required by an indoor pool and an outdoor pool are very similar, with a couple of key differences.

Both require that the chemicals in the water be balanced, so constant monitoring and maintenance is necessary. Both also need to have their walls and floors regularly cleaned and vacuumed so the water is clear and the pool looks clean.

Many people believe that because an indoor pool isn’t as exposed to the elements, it requires less maintenance. But this is not actually the case. In many instances, indoor pools need the same, if not more, care than their outdoor counterparts.

Frequency of Use

One of the biggest differences between servicing an indoor pool and an outdoor pool is that an indoor pool potentially can be used all year round, whereas an outdoor pool can only be used when the weather permits.

Usually, outdoor pools will have a “season” in which they can be used. While in warmer weather climates the pool season is longer than it is in places that have colder winters, there’s not many places where its warm enough to use the outdoor pool all year round. At some point, usually you have to close the pool down for the season and then reopen it once the warm weather returns.

You also can’t swim in an outdoor pool if its raining or lightning.

Removing Contaminants

Outdoor pools are more vulnerable to such contaminants as leaves, bugs and other debris getting into the water. So they usually need to be skimmed and have their filters cleaned more frequently.

But indoor pools also get dirty. So both indoor and outdoor pools should be vacuumed and have their filters cleaned weekly.

Another difference between indoor and outdoor pools is algae development. Because are in direct sunlight, algae usually grow more slowly in outdoor pools. But indoor pools require more intense treatment for algae.

While there are differences in maintenance, both indoor and outdoor pools require the regular care of a qualified pool service.



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