Have You Ever Considered an Outdoor Shower?

showerOne of the newest trends in home swimming pools today is the addition of an outdoor shower.

Outdoor showers are exactly what they sound like: A water line is extended to the exterior of your home to a shower head. This can be located adjacent to your pool, on an exterior wall to your house, or anywhere you want.

They can be either enclosed or open. In most cases, local building code requires that they have a drain as well.

Benefits of an Outdoor Shower

An outdoor shower helps protect and prolong the water in your home swimming pool. When you require swimmers to use the outdoor shower prior to entering your pool, it can wash away dirt, debris and other impurities so that they don’t enter the water and have to be cycled through your pool’s filtering system.

Outdoor showers are especially helpful if you live near a sandy beach or in an area where swimmers are likely to track sand, dirt and other debris into your pool.

Romance and Natural Beauty

There are two other benefits to having an outdoor shower that often are major selling points. First, they can be very romantic. Sharing an outdoor shower with your significant other can add passion to your relationship.

Second, showering outdoors brings you closer to nature. It’s something that has to be experienced to be fully appreciated, but spending time in your outdoor shower under the sun when you can feel the breeze on your skin can be exhilarating.

Adds to Home Value

While adding an outdoor shower to your home probably doesn’t technically qualify as an additional bathroom, it can add to the home’s resale value — especially if it is a rental or vacation home.

Typically, the cost of installing an outdoor shower is relatively low and can be more than recovered when the home is sold.




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