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16-1014379-OSBYour backyard swimming pool is the perfect place for your family, friends, and neighbors to socialize. That makes it the ideal centerpiece for your next backyard social event.

Whether you are throwing an informal barbeque for the neighbors, hosting a birthday party for one of your children, or giving a more formal event such as a cocktail fundraiser, bar mitzvah, or corporate event, your backyard pool can make the perfect centerpiece.

But if you want to make the biggest possible impression on your guests, you are going to want your backyard pool to be in tip top shape. You won’t want your guests to see debris floating in your pool, sediment resting on the bottom, or — worst of all — cloudy pool water.

Fortunately, that’s where we can help.

Pre-Event Pool Service

We frequently get calls from our regular clients and even one-time customers who are hosting a big event around their backyard pool and want to make sure it is in optimal condition.

You don’t have to wait until your regularly scheduled pool cleaning to call us. If you are planning a big event, we want to make sure your pool is in optimal condition. After all, the condition of your pool reflects on us as well as you.

Prepping Your Pool

We can dispatch our team of experienced, professional pool cleaners in the days leading up to your event or even a few hours before the party begins to make sure your pool is in ideal shape.

We will not only balance the chemicals, clean the surface and vacuum the bottom of your pool, but we can even give it an additional shock treatment to make sure the water in your pool is crystal clear for your guests.

When you are hosting a special event, you want your pool to look its best. And so do we. So call us prior to your party so we can help you look great.



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