Beware of Balloons!

Flying realistic balloonsBalloons are an ideal way to add color and festiveness to any special occasion. Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, graduation or another important event, buying colorful, celebratory balloons will make your party even more special.

But when you have a backyard pool, you have to be careful with pools. Should they somehow make their way into your pool’s drains or filters, they can easily clog up your pool.

This forces the pumps to work harder. And when they can’t get the air and water they need to operate properly, they can overheat and even burn out. Replacing a pump is expensive and will put your pool out of service until a new pump can be located, delivered and installed.

When the Party’s Over …

You can still have a backyard pool and use balloons at your next backyard celebration. You just have to remember to pop all balloons when the party is over then collect all the rubber and latex and safely discard them so they don’t make their way into your pool.

The latex from balloons isn’t just harmful to your pool. It also can put young children, pets, and even the environment in danger.

Deflated balloons are a choking hazard. But because they are colorful and often shiny, they can attract the attention of toddlers, as well as dogs and other pets.

Don’t Cut Them Loose

Balloons filled with helium are very popular. They can be purchased for very little money at any discount party store and can even contain personalized messages.

Don’t be tempted to simply cut these balloons loose and let them float away once the party has ended. Eventually, they will return to the ground, where they can be eaten and choked on by wildlife. Large bodies of water, such as lakes and ponds, also attract many deflated Mylar balloons, which eventually make their way to shore where they pollute beaches as trash.



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