6 Easy Steps to Get Ready for Bikini Season

Bikini season is right around the corner, so the time to start getting ready is now. Call the pool service, drag out the deck chairs. And if you’ve spent the winter months overindulging or not being as active as you would like, there’s still time to shed those extra pounds.

How to Stuff a Wild Bikini

In the meantime, here are six easy steps to make sure you look great in a bikini this bikini season:

1. Assess the Goods

Set aside a time when you can be completely alone. Get yourself a full-length mirror. Dig out last year’s bikini (or go au naturale) and stand in front of the mirror. Check yourself out. If you haven’t done this all winter, it’s better to get the shock out of the way now, under controlled circumstances, rather than one the first sunny day when you can use your pool.

2. Keep It Positive

As you look at your body, for every negative thought you have, balance it out with something positive about yourself. Is your ready end looking a little saggy? Perhaps, but look how toned your arms look. And reassure yourself that whatever you see now, you can make it better in a couple of weeks.

3. Be Honest

Not everything is going to be perfect. Focus on those areas that you want to improve. This will help motivate you as you work toward your bikini body.

4. Stand Up Straight

Regardless of how you look, slouching will only make you look worse. Stand up straight, chest and chin out and stomach in. Now what do you think?

5. Hit the Stores

Now that you know what you’re dealing with, it’s time to go buy a new bikini that accentuates the positive and helps draw attention from the lesser parts.

6. Make It Shine

Treat yourself to a body oil that will give your skin that shimmering sheen that flatters our bikini body. That way you can look your absolute best the first day you wear your bikini this season!



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