4 Tips for Using Your Tablet Device Near the Pool

You love your pool. You also love your tablet device, such as your iPad or your Kindle Fire. But these two things don’t necessarily love each other.

Using your tablet device close to your pool can be risky. If you drop it into the water, it’s essentially ruined. And even if you accidentally drop it even a short distance onto the ground, it can cause the screen to crack.

Here, then, are four helpful tips that will make it easier for you to use your tablet device safely and conveniently near the pool:

1. Get a Waterproof Case

There are now waterproof cases you can buy for your tablet that will protect it should you accidentally drop it into the pool. They provide a 100% moisture barrier while still allowing you full screen function and maintaining optimal picture quality. They even allow you to bring your tablet with you into the water so you can read or watch your favorite show while floating around your pool.

2. High Impact Tablets

The newest versions of the most popular tablet devices are now being designed so that they can withstand being dropped from moderate heights. One of the biggest complaints about tablets so far has been how fragile they are. And replacing a tablet can be an expensive proposition. Hopefully, this technology will soon become industry-wide.

3. Use Polarized Sunglasses

The screens of tablet devices pretty much designed to be used indoors. In bright, direct sunlight, they can be difficult to see. But if you have a pair of polarized sunglasses, it can cut through the sun’s glare and make the screen as clear as it would be indoors.

4. Keep Your Distance

Obviously, water, sand and other summertime staples can be damaging to your tablet. So if you plan to use yours at the pool or beach, take the appropriate precautions. Keep it away from the water. Place it in a sealed, airtight plastic freezer bag when you take it to the sandy beach.




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