Weston Pool Service

weston pool serviceAt Aqua Buddy Pools we understand that we are quite simply in the customer service business and the concept that customer service is based on communication and providing outstanding service. With the needs of the customer always coming first.

We listen to feedback from customers year after year and find that there are just a few simple things that people need…

1. Technicians that can explain in simple terms what they are doing to the pool and how and why it should be a benefit especially when it comes to repairs.

2. Service technicians that show up on time and on the scheduled day and if for any reason they can’t…imagine this…people just want to be called rather than ignored.

3. An office that answers the phone AND returns calls.

4. An office that responds to emails.

5. Service technicians that actually perform all the duties that you pay them to do. Meaning, even if your pool looks clean, it will be vacuumed, brushes, and cared for regardless.

Your pool may suffer some damages that may need major repairs, making you spend more than what is necessary. Aqua Buddy’s Weston Pool Service won’t do this sort of thing to you. At your first call we will be there right away. You don’t have to wait for long and your pool will be back to business as usual, or even better than before.

Weston Pool Service

It doesn’t matter what type of pool you have, what year it was constructed, or what materials were used. Believe me; we have been in Weston Pool Service for a long time and our performance record bears witness to it.

Our customers will vouch for us. We have been delivering top rate pool service which no other pool service provider can compete.

If you’re not in any way satisfied with your pool service provider right now, why wait? Call us at Aqua Buddy’s Weston Pool Service for a free evaluation service.

We will go over your pool and after the inspection we will provide you with an evaluation report. It’ll take us one to two days at most to do it, and then we can start working after your approval. We won’t try your patience and give you sleepless nights. You will have Weston Pool Service that you want anytime you need it.

There’s no second guessing, everything that we do is based on facts and your money will be wisely spent. No, don’t think of enormous charges or expensive overheads, in fact we have the cheapest prices in the entire state or country with regards to pool servicing. We always take into consideration your pool’s condition and won’t do anything more than what we said we’d repair. You will find no extra costs and charges.


Aqua Buddy’s Weston Pool Service follows all government regulations concerning pool maintenance and repair.

We avoid the use toxic materials and we dispose of all pool cleaning waste properly. Your family or customers won’t suffer any pool water related illnesses. Your pool will get a rating of 5 stars in safety and health aspects, you can be very sure of that.

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Weston Pool Service

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