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Pool Service Lighthouse Point FL – We at Aqua Buddy Knows Best What Your Pools Need!

pool service lighthouse point

There many things that can go wrong in a pool. But accidents can be easily prevented with proper care and maintenance. This is one of the most sensitive issues when it comes to today’s pool’s services’ ability to deliver. Complaints abound and it’s giving the business a black eye. We at Pool service Lighthouse Point have never been involved in these irregularities. We pride ourselves in doing our jobs with excellent results. We work together as a team and we don’t allow any of our employees to moonlight.

Pool Service Lighthouse Point never fails to deliver what’s expected from us.

Your pool is safe with us and your money is well spent and you’ll enjoy using your pool anytime you want to swim in it. We’ll see to it that what is ailing other pools will not affect yours. Our expertise in Pool service Lighthouse Point is always at your disposal you can be sure of it.

Bacteria and viruses only thrive in pool water due to poor and ineffective water treatment. There is more to pool water than chlorine treatment. Our Pool service Lighthouse Point experts know that chlorine of course takes center stage in your pool water’s wellness, but it’s not the only factor. There are instances where other factors play a big part in your pool water’s soundness.

We always do our research at Pool service Lighthouse Point , especially concerning new developments in pool service. Pool service Lighthouse Point is always on the lookout for any US Department of Health bulletins that have something to do with pools. And our Pool service Lighthouse Point experts always follow the recommendation of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention concerning the correct chlorine usage, especially when there are epidemics going on.

Your pool is more than a place for swimming. It also adds aesthetic value to your real estate. The amount you invest in it is not chicken feed. Unhealthy pool water can take a lot from your swimming pool. And nothing is more disappointing than finding your pool indisposed for swimming because the pool water is not suited for it.

This is where we at Pool Service Lighthouse Point come in. Our job is to see to it that your pool is always at the top of its condition.

Algae is one of those that make pool water unhealthy for swimming. Can we really prevent algae from attacking your pools? Of course we can. It’s just a matter of proper cleaning and appropriate chemical treatment. Chlorine levels should be maintained at all times between pH 7.2 to 7.6. Shock treatments should be done consistently to stabilize the water.

But we go further than that. Our Pool Service Lighthouse Point experts will go beyond the pool itself in this case. We advise homeowners against applying fertilizers to plants near the pool. Algae may not be plants, but they have plant like characteristics. They also feed on fertilizers. During heavy downpours the water will bring them to the pool. And before you know it you’ll have a fully grown algae bloom in your pool. Pool service Lighthouse Point will keep them at bay.

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