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In some places, there are specific rules and regulations concerning draining your pool water. Even if you’re not familiar with these, I’m sure your pool cleaning services are aware of them. Since there are stiff fines concerning illegal pool water discharge, you should hire pool cleaning services if you don’t have any right now, especially if you’re not familiar with these things. We at Aqua Buddy Pool Service in Boca Raton will be glad to be of help.

Draining Tips for Clients needing pool services in Boca Raton

As a reminder, you’re not allowed to discharge chlorinated water. The water has to be dechlorinated first by allowing the chlorine to dissipate into the atmosphere for several days.

Aside from chlorine, there other antiseptic products used to rid water of pathogenic microorganisms. These should be properly disposed of too. Our boca raton pool services experts know all about the correct way of draining your pools. We are bringing this up now since it’s almost time to hibernate your pools for the coming cold season and; draining your pools is the best way to do this.

Why should pool water be drained? Why not leave it and just cover the pool until the next summer? These lines of questioning may have some merits in them, but the disadvantages outweigh the advantages that could be gained by clearing the water. Complications can arise if the winter gets really bad. The frozen water will crack the tiles and cement. Water volume expands when it freezes, and ice is a hard as cement. Imagine what will happen when they begin to exert force on your pool materials. Vinyl and fiber glass will easily give way. The ice will also destroy the filter and other pool equipment and accessories.

Another risk is the bacteria factor. The water may not completely solidify. These organisms can survive even the harshest weather conditions. They can turn your water from clear to marsh green after winter. Since pool cleaning services find it difficult to deal with semi-solid icy water, there’s no way for them to effectively clean the pool in the dead heat of winter. The pool should be drained and cleaned before the water solidifies. We at Aqua Buddy pool cleaning services will advise you against any measures except to empty your pool completely.

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Contact us right away. We are on the internet and we have phones you can call. We will discuss with you all the options we have to make it easier for you, both financially and operationally. We have all the necessary and required pool cleaning service equipment to ensure that your water emptying goes smoothly.
We are a Certified Pool Operator. Our pool cleaning services technicians are professionals, experts, and have long and varied experiences in handling poll sanitation, repairs, cleaning, and maintenance. We encourage our staff to attend certification trainings and seminars to update themselves about the latest in pool cleaning services and allied matters.

Time is running, give us a call and our boca raton pool services representatives will come right away without any delay. Our pool cleaning service rates are very affordable. We have a way of adapting to your pocket’s depth.

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