Pools and spas that have not had chemical treatment in a long time will turn green because of algae and rapidly growing and spreading bacteria. Our chemical formulas will eradicate bacteria and other potentially harmful microorganisms from your swimming pool, protecting your swimmers against illnesses and infections. In the Swim’s pool shock and super chlorinating chemicals will also take your pool water from cloudy to clear by eliminating algae and a wide variety of other contaminants. This process can take up to two weeks depending on the conditions of the pool.


ACID WASH – Starting at $399.00

An acid wash is typically needed when the algae growth or staining in a pool has reach a point that it can not be treated by chemical dosing. Our trained professional have the equipment and skills necessary get your pool cleaned quickly and correctly. An acid wash can be a very dangerous activity if done incorrectly, dangerous to both the person performing the wash and dangerous to the swimming pool that it is being performed on. An improperly applied acid wash will etch swimming pool plaster, even causing some areas of plaster to chip away.

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